Supply Nike Shoes to a Garage Service Company

Nike is the unbeaten manufacturer and seller of sneakers in the world. Garage Service Inc contacted us to supply them with high quality Nike sneakers for their personnel a few weeks ago. We were so delighted that such an internationally accredited company would come to us seeking our input on how to purchase quality products. But hey, it is very easy to purchase a fake sneaker, so you are better of asking around lest you regret down the road.



We discussed all the details with the company and settled down on one brand Nike Air Max. Coincidentally, all their employees preferred this model as it was easy to wear and walk around when repairing automatic garage doors. We contacted the main supplier of Nike shoes and placed our order. In total we order 100 pairs amounting to around $5000.

Placed an Order

The company worked hard and delivered all the shoes to our premises in one large package. Of course, we could not shop them direct to the garage service provider without checking if all the shoes had been packed. So, one of our staff members crosschecked the package and confirmed that indeed all the shoes we order were in the package.


With that confirmation, we went ahead and called the garage company and informed them that we would be dropping the package the following day. At first they were surprised at how we managed to get all the shoes within such a short period of time, but their fears about the quality of the shoes faded away once they opened the package and inspected the shoes.

Benefits of Nike Shoes

One of the primary benefits of Nike shoes is that they can last for many years if well maintained. One of the main reasons behind this fact is that the material can withstand all types of harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Another major benefit which attract customers to this sneaker brand is the fact that the shoes offer exceptional feet protection. The sole is made from a material that absorb the pressure as one walks. It is also important to point out that the prints enable one to walk comfortably virtually any type of surface without slipping or experiencing any type of feet discomfort.

The third benefit is that the shoes are stylish. The personnel will not only be able to wear the sneakers to work but also other social events during the weekend and holidays if one wishes so.


Throughout our engagement with this leading garage repair and installation provider, they were very friendly, transparent, and trustworthy.

How to Identify Genuine Nike Sneakers

The Nike Company has been making millions selling sneakers, which enjoy an extensive consumer preference. The success of Nike sneakers has attracted unscrupulous traders that seek to make a large profit selling fake Nike shoes to innocent buyers.

To identify a genuine sneaker, here are the features you should look for.


Quality Material

Counterfeit Nike sneakers are of an inferior quality that is easy to recognize. The counterfeits are imperfectly finished. On the contrary, the authentic Nike sneakers have quality, and the sole is perfect. Sneakers with frayed seams or irregular soles are fake, and you should avoid.

Leather Material

Checking the material can aid spot a fake sneaker. Authentic Nike sneakers are made of quality leather, and the material feels flexible and soft. Fake sneakers are rigid and do not comfort your feet as the authentic Nike sneakers

Phylon Soles

Inspecting the sole aids you in verifying authentic Nike sneakers. The sole of genuine sneakers is soft and easily folds and recover its original form fast. Fake Nike sneakers are hard to fold since the sole is rigid, and they do not return to their original form quickly.

Nike Label

The interior of genuine Nike sneakers bears a black label with white letters reading: Counterfeit Nike sneakers lack this label and often are made in China. Also, the fake sneakers have a misspelled name.

The next time you go shopping for Nike sneakers, considering these features aids in buying original Nike sneakers. You can also ask for help if you are not sure of the brand.

Benefits of Nike Sneakers

People love Nike sneakers because the quality of these shoes is incomparable. The demand for Nike shoes will keep growing due to the benefits buyers get from wearing them.

Here are the benefits of Nike sneakers.


Unlike some sneakers that are heavy, Nike sneakers are lightweight. Nike applies advanced technology that enables them to make light. The lightness of the Nike sneakers makes them suitable for the performance of athletes and makes walking easy.



The innersole of the Nike sneakers is made of quality cushioning material. As you walk, the innersole absorbs the pressure from the ground that provides a great deal of comfort. The innersole protects you from injuries in your joints, muscles, and tendons. If you are an athlete, you are unlikely to encounter muscle injuries when using Nike sneakers.


Buying Nike sneakers offers an economic decision. The finesse applied in making Nike shoes ensures that the shoe lasts long without wearing or losing shape. In fact, you do not need to buy a new sneaker now and then if you own a Nike sneaker.


Whether you want a sneaker for playing basketball or running, the Nike sneaker is ideal for you. The Nike sneakers are highly flexible that enhance your performance.

Buying a shoe is an investment that you ought to take seriously. Buying a Nike sneaker provides you with the above benefits. But, you still need to take good care of it to get maximum utility at the end of the day.

Finally, have the number of a professional garage installation company on your phone speed dial to get emergency services in case the door breakdown or you want it to be maintained.



Tips for Waterproofing Sneakers

Waterproofing your sneakers will help protect your feet from getting wet when walking in marshy places. Most of the synthetic sneakers are made from a material that is easy to waterproof as compared to the pure leather shoes. There are a number of products that you can use to do this task. It is wise to do so before the onset of the rainy season, as the product need to dry up completely to work. Otherwise, if you wear the shoes before the waterproofing material dries up, your feet will get wet and smelly.

Consider Quality of the Material

One of the things that you need to determine before you embark on the waterproofing process is the quality of the material. Delicate leathers such as suede and nubuck need to be treated using special waterproofing material. On the other hand, thick leather materials should be waterproofed using strong materials that can effectively cover the entire sneaker.


Another factor that you need to put in mind is the existing color of your shoe. Some of the waterproofing materials can tamper with the color. Hence, it is recommendable to choose a product that will not change it such as colorless waterproof. If you are in doubt, test the effects on a small portion of your sure.


Some of the companies that manufacturer shoes usually waterproof them before releasing them into the market. But, it is always good to inquire about the same from their representatives to know if you will need to do it after purchase. If you thought that you cannot enhance your sneaker, now you know better.

Pro Tips for Sneakers Resellers

To establish a Nike sneaker reselling business successfully, you need to have a set of special skills to compete with other similar businesses and make sales. Here are some pro tips on how to resell sneakers and hit your profit margins.

Put in Place a Return Policy

Trust and honest are some of the personal attributes that you need to generate sales through this form of business. In addition, you need to put in place a return policy that not only favors you but also the customer. Offer to refund the client a certain percentage of the money that they paid if they are unsatisfied with the product. Since this is a physical product, you should request them to send it back to your business premises.

Learn to Bargain

When buying sneakers from a trade fair or a sneaker exhibition, you should bargain to get them at a lower price. By doing so, you will increase your profit margins. However, ensure that you do not price your products very high after sealing the deal, as this could chase away your customers.

Work on Your Display


How you arrange the sneakers in your shop will either attract or chase away potential customers. One of the things that you need to ensure is that they are clean and dry at all times. If you have been keeping vintage sneakers in plastic bags, make sure that you take them out once or twice per month to prevent accumulation of moisture and bad smells.

Finally, offer discounts especially during the holidays to attract more customers and guard your reputation with all you got.

The Downside of Sneakers Made of Synthetic Materials

Nike is the leading manufacturer of high quality sneakers in the world today. Despite the fact that there are a number of companies producing the same kind of shoes that have come up, it still reigns supreme. Most of the companies use synthetic materials, while Nike uses 100% leather materials. Here are the downsides of synthetic materials.

Lose Shape

Overtime, the shoes lose their shape due to external factors such as high temperatures. Wearing a sneaker that is shapeless or not in line with the shape of your feet is, as good as not wearing one at all.

fake shoe

Short Lifespan

To save money, you need to look for a sneaker that can last for decades without wearing out. If it does wear, it should not show the signs to the public. The synthetic shoes are easy to notice if it has been worn for decades. If you want a last shoe that will create a lasting impression wherever you go, purchase the original Nike shoes.


The synthetic materials do not offer comprehensive feet protection as compared to leather materials. This in turn predispose you to unlimited unforeseen occurrences such as injuries as you walk or take part in your favorite sport such as football. This is based on the fact that the cushion material is relatively weak and cannot cushion your feet muscles from force effectively as you walk.

Indeed, there is enough ground to rule out synthetic sneakers from your to-shop-list. Purchase the Nike shoes from an accredited store.



The Disadvantages of Using Traditional Sneaker Marketing Materials

Selling sneakers online and offline is a business just like any other. You need to have good managerial and entrepreneur skills to establish your business empire. Unfortunately, most of the marketers and companies still rely on the traditional marketing methods. Here are some of the major disadvantages of using such strategies and why you should avoid them like a plague.


Very Expensive

The cost of designing, printing, and distributing brochures and other written materials to customers is way hire and unachievable to most small businesses that are on a tight budget. The management team needs to look for affordable and effective ways of reaching out to their customers to stay afloat. Remember the company need to make profits consistently to meet various financial obligations such as paying salaries and purchasing raw materials.

Limited Exposure

The best marketing strategies allows companies to reach out to a large audience in a short period of time. For instance, internet marketing reaches millions of people from all across the globe in seconds after posting an ad on a social media platform or any other site. If you want to sell sneakers better than your competitors do, you need to come up with smart ways of reaching the largest audience possible.

High Competition

The cost of printing the materials is just a drop in the ocean, you will have to deal with competition from other companies offering same or similar products. This can spell doom on your business if you do not have the resources to put up a fight.

Indeed, traditional methods of marketing are counterproductive. Avoid them to grow your business fully.





Marketing Nike Sneakers Online

Internet is one of the best platforms that you can use to market Nike sneakers. It is estimated that there are over 5 million active internet users from all across the globe. Reaching out to this audience can be a daunting task if you resulted to using the traditional communication channels. That is why we have decided to enlighten you on how you can use the internet to increase your sneaker sales.


Social Media

We all love social media platforms, as they help us to network with people from all across the globe for free. The only expense is purchasing an internet package. You can make posts as well as generate leads to your site by posting pictures of the Nike shoes you are selling on these platforms. You will not be charged a penny unless you opt for the premium ads.

Email Marketing

If you have the emails of your clients, you can use to your advantage. All you need to do is sit down and compile a marketing email that lures customers to visit your site and place an order. However, you need to be a professional as this strategy can work against you if implemented wrongly. For instance, you should not spam the clients’ inbox with useless emails. Only send content that is relevant to them and give them a chance to unsubscribe if they feel the emails are irrelevant.

Finally, you can use your own website to generate more sales. Hire a professional SEO expert to tweak it so that you grasp the attention of your views and make sales eventually.

Smart Tips for New Sneaker Buyers

Sneakers are some of the trendiest shoes in the world today. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture and market the shoes. Here are some tips for new sneaker buyers.


Do not take it Too Far

Sneakers are stylish and can help you exhume your inner style and personality. In the current social media era, you do not need to post pictures wearing the sneakers on such platforms all the time. People hate braggers and you can easily lose followers if they feel that you are bragging.


As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of companies that manufacturer sneakers. Hence, you need to take time to know the specific features that make each company’s product stand out from the crowd. For instance, get to know the durability and quality of the material used to make the shoes. Go an extra mile and look at the quality of the inner sole, ventilation, and inner cushion. The shoe should be in line with what you intend to do with it. For instance, purchase a running sneaker for jogging in the morning or evening to protect yourself from injuries.


Sneakers easily get dirt especially if you wear them for extend periods. You need to take good care of them to increase their durability and appearance. You do not need to purchase high-end cleaning reagents; you can learn how to make your own homemade reagents using locally available materials such as vinegar and dishwashing liquid.

Purchase the sneakers from an accredited store at all times lest you purchase a counterfeit pair.

Preventing Foot Odor when Wearing Sneakers

Hundreds if not thousands of people from all across the globe complain about having smelly feet after wearing sneakers. Most of them actually blame the sneakers manufacturing companies, but the naked truth is that the design of the shoe has nothing to do with the problem. You need to make smart changes to how you wear your Nike sneakers to avoid this problem.

smelly feet

Here are three ways of preventing foot odor.

Wear Cotton Socks

Sweat is one of the main causes of foot odor. Our feet have over 250,000 sweat glands, but the sweat is actually odorless. It creates a moist environment inside the shoes that support growth and reproduction of bacteria, which in turn produce bad smelling substances. One way of getting rid of the bacteria is by wearing airy or proper ventilated socks. Cotton and woolen socks are the best, as they are made from natural fibers that allow free flow of air.

Make sure your Feet are Dry and Clean

Before wearing your sneakers, ensure that your feet are dry and clean. This will prevent creating a moist environment that promotes bacteria regeneration and fungal growths. One of the common conditions that results from warm moist conditions is Athlete’s foot. It is caused by a fungal infection that you can avoid by keeping your feet dry and clean at all times.

Finally, you can invest in the modern activated charcoal inner soles to not only avoid smelly feet but also shoe odors. Most of the online stores actually sell them, so you can order them from your house.