The Downside of Sneakers Made of Synthetic Materials

Nike is the leading manufacturer of high quality sneakers in the world today. Despite the fact that there are a number of companies producing the same kind of shoes that have come up, it still reigns supreme. Most of the companies use synthetic materials, while Nike uses 100% leather materials. Here are the downsides of synthetic materials.

Lose Shape

Overtime, the shoes lose their shape due to external factors such as high temperatures. Wearing a sneaker that is shapeless or not in line with the shape of your feet is, as good as not wearing one at all.

fake shoe

Short Lifespan

To save money, you need to look for a sneaker that can last for decades without wearing out. If it does wear, it should not show the signs to the public. The synthetic shoes are easy to notice if it has been worn for decades. If you want a last shoe that will create a lasting impression wherever you go, purchase the original Nike shoes.


The synthetic materials do not offer comprehensive feet protection as compared to leather materials. This in turn predispose you to unlimited unforeseen occurrences such as injuries as you walk or take part in your favorite sport such as football. This is based on the fact that the cushion material is relatively weak and cannot cushion your feet muscles from force effectively as you walk.

Indeed, there is enough ground to rule out synthetic sneakers from your to-shop-list. Purchase the Nike shoes from an accredited store.



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