Pro Tips for Sneakers Resellers

To establish a Nike sneaker reselling business successfully, you need to have a set of special skills to compete with other similar businesses and make sales. Here are some pro tips on how to resell sneakers and hit your profit margins.

Put in Place a Return Policy

Trust and honest are some of the personal attributes that you need to generate sales through this form of business. In addition, you need to put in place a return policy that not only favors you but also the customer. Offer to refund the client a certain percentage of the money that they paid if they are unsatisfied with the product. Since this is a physical product, you should request them to send it back to your business premises.

Learn to Bargain

When buying sneakers from a trade fair or a sneaker exhibition, you should bargain to get them at a lower price. By doing so, you will increase your profit margins. However, ensure that you do not price your products very high after sealing the deal, as this could chase away your customers.

Work on Your Display


How you arrange the sneakers in your shop will either attract or chase away potential customers. One of the things that you need to ensure is that they are clean and dry at all times. If you have been keeping vintage sneakers in plastic bags, make sure that you take them out once or twice per month to prevent accumulation of moisture and bad smells.

Finally, offer discounts especially during the holidays to attract more customers and guard your reputation with all you got.

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