How to Identify Genuine Nike Sneakers

The Nike Company has been making millions selling sneakers, which enjoy an extensive consumer preference. The success of Nike sneakers has attracted unscrupulous traders that seek to make a large profit selling fake Nike shoes to innocent buyers.

To identify a genuine sneaker, here are the features you should look for.


Quality Material

Counterfeit Nike sneakers are of an inferior quality that is easy to recognize. The counterfeits are imperfectly finished. On the contrary, the authentic Nike sneakers have quality, and the sole is perfect. Sneakers with frayed seams or irregular soles are fake, and you should avoid.

Leather Material

Checking the material can aid spot a fake sneaker. Authentic Nike sneakers are made of quality leather, and the material feels flexible and soft. Fake sneakers are rigid and do not comfort your feet as the authentic Nike sneakers

Phylon Soles

Inspecting the sole aids you in verifying authentic Nike sneakers. The sole of genuine sneakers is soft and easily folds and recover its original form fast. Fake Nike sneakers are hard to fold since the sole is rigid, and they do not return to their original form quickly.

Nike Label

The interior of genuine Nike sneakers bears a black label with white letters reading: Counterfeit Nike sneakers lack this label and often are made in China. Also, the fake sneakers have a misspelled name.

The next time you go shopping for Nike sneakers, considering these features aids in buying original Nike sneakers. You can also ask for help if you are not sure of the brand.

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