Supply Nike Shoes to a Garage Service Company

Nike is the unbeaten manufacturer and seller of sneakers in the world. Garage Service Inc contacted us to supply them with high quality Nike sneakers for their personnel a few weeks ago. We were so delighted that such an internationally accredited company would come to us seeking our input on how to purchase quality products. But hey, it is very easy to purchase a fake sneaker, so you are better of asking around lest you regret down the road.



We discussed all the details with the company and settled down on one brand Nike Air Max. Coincidentally, all their employees preferred this model as it was easy to wear and walk around when repairing automatic garage doors. We contacted the main supplier of Nike shoes and placed our order. In total we order 100 pairs amounting to around $5000.

Placed an Order

The company worked hard and delivered all the shoes to our premises in one large package. Of course, we could not shop them direct to the garage service provider without checking if all the shoes had been packed. So, one of our staff members crosschecked the package and confirmed that indeed all the shoes we order were in the package.


With that confirmation, we went ahead and called the garage company and informed them that we would be dropping the package the following day. At first they were surprised at how we managed to get all the shoes within such a short period of time, but their fears about the quality of the shoes faded away once they opened the package and inspected the shoes.

Benefits of Nike Shoes

One of the primary benefits of Nike shoes is that they can last for many years if well maintained. One of the main reasons behind this fact is that the material can withstand all types of harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Another major benefit which attract customers to this sneaker brand is the fact that the shoes offer exceptional feet protection. The sole is made from a material that absorb the pressure as one walks. It is also important to point out that the prints enable one to walk comfortably virtually any type of surface without slipping or experiencing any type of feet discomfort.

The third benefit is that the shoes are stylish. The personnel will not only be able to wear the sneakers to work but also other social events during the weekend and holidays if one wishes so.


Throughout our engagement with this leading garage repair and installation provider, they were very friendly, transparent, and trustworthy.

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